Am I Eligble?

The Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) subsidy pays for all equipment and set up charges therefore enabling eligible customers access broadband Internet through BorderNET where they are otherwise unable to access Metro-comparable service broadband services.  To get connected on a Bordernet ABG plan, you must have an ABG Customer Declaration Category D form from the government.  This page is to help you get one.  First take the Quick check and then enter your details below.  We will then help you get connected quickly.

Quick check
You may be eligible if you are:

  •  unable to access a Metro-comparable broadband service (e.g. DSL or wireless)

and you are one of the following:

  • a residential customer
  • a small business employing less than 20 full time employess nationally
  • an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Community Council

If you pass the Quick Check
We recommend you complete the online inquiry form below.  We will then confirm your eligibility and send you an Application Form and details of what you need to do. There is no obligation in completeing this form, it simply allows us to confirm you eligibility and you will be contacted with a confirmation within the next 48 hours.

Contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 730 302.

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Your Details
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Business Name:
Phone Number (With Area Code): * (at the premises where the service will be connected)
Fax Number (With Area Code):
Mobile Number:
E-Mail Address: if applicable
Customer Referral: * ->
Customer ID:

If you have already completed the ABG service locator form at Broadband Service Locator. You can put your 'customer id' in here. If not then Bordernet will do this check for you.
Installation Address
Application Type: *
Property Name:
Unit Number:
Street Number: *
Home Address Line 1: * No RMB, RS, PO type addresses
Address Line 2:
Town: *
State: *
Postcode: *  
Lat/Long: Latitude: Longitude: If Known
Do you own this property? *
Postal Address
Please fill out a postal address if it is different to your installation address.
Home Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
    I authorise BorderNET Internet to submit my information on my behalf to the Australian Broadband Guarentee Service Locator (if required) and attest that all information given in the above form is correct.
Any Additonal Information:    


This offer is made possible with support from the Australian Government's Australian Broadband Guarantee.

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